Introduction of  M. and H. Marxsen (Liederbach / Germany)

 Musical Boxes are the Hobby of  Hauke Marxsen 

I've restored many wooden boxes, I purchased on fleemarkets. My wife Mechthild has decorated the
boxes with painted porcelain tiles or brooches. Here you see an oak box with a cylinder movement.
It's playing a Berlin melodie, when you open the lid. A motive from the Berlin cartoonist "Zille",
painted on small tiles, is decorates the underside of the lid.
Musical Box open
Musical Box closed

The heard of a music box is the movement. You can get it in different sizes and quality.
 It consist out of a cylinder with pins, a comb, a speed controller and a spring in a barrel to let it run.
The most popular movement makers are Reuge in Switzerland, Sankyo in Japan in meanwhile companies in China.
Musical Box Movement
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